Players leave the game. Sometimes it's planned and other times it's not. Yet the characters they leave behind still have a story to be told or the potential for one. The staff has compiled a list of characters suitable for adoption and will update the list as necessary. Just a reminder, a Playable Character may become forfeit after 30 days of player inactivity as per the board's guidelines.

If you are interested in adopting a character from the list, then you should submit an audition post (either freestyle or using a writing prompt) to Jay via PM. Keep in mind, you should strive to make the character your own, but also stay true to any established history and personality traits if they've made appearances in game.

There are also certain rules one should keep in mind when considering an adoption of a former Playable Character from the list below. Please read over the following guidelines.

  • No Mulligans. If you adopt an existing character, it'll be on an "as is" basis with that character's playable race, inherent and individual powers, current power level and established history intact. These characters can not be put through the Nexus a second time as this option is about continuing a character's existing story.

  • No Face Changes. Any character who has made in-character posts - including OSO posts - has an established presence in the game and their face claim is locked in. However, any character who has not made it past posting a biography may potentially be refaced prior to posting in-game.

  • Vanquished/Deceased≠Unadoptable. Death is not necessarily an ending and you should not shy away from potentially adopting characters who seem to have met their ends. There are paths a character can take even after an apparent death. If you have an interest in one of these characters, but are unsure how to approach them then you should reach out to Jay via PM.

  • Increased Character Limit. Adopting one of these abandoned characters does not count towards the current character limit, effectively increasing the limit of playable characters a person can have. However, a member must have been active for 30 days leading up to the adoption.

  • Priority Rating. Adoptable characters are given one of three priority ratings - low, medium, or high - based upon their importance to current plots or the overall infrastructure of the board.
  • Low priority means the character has minimal or no ties to existing characters and/or plots on the board, but is still a character the staff wishes to explore. This is typical of certain magical species that could potentially play an important role in future plots.

  • Medium priority means the character has ties to a current plot, but is not necessarily essential for that plot's completion. Characters in this setting may also have more prominent ties to existing characters than those designated as low priority.

  • High priority is given to those characters who are essential to the board's current plots such as canons or other high profile characters whose roles are not easily substituted. These characters also tend to have strong ties to existing characters on the board.

If you are the original author of a character on this list and intend to reclaim him/her, then you should PM John immediately. Once a character is officially adopted by another player, the staff will not ask that player to relinquish the character in question to the original player. As far as the staff is concerned, it is a permanent placement unless the new player wishes to voluntarily surrender the character.