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February 15, 2038

Monday morning, 8:00 AM. As the sun initiates the day, a brisk breeze flows over San Francisco to keep the temperature fairly cool for the California city. Temps: 15C/59F lows and 21C/70F highs.
skin credit goes to miss texas, custom structure scripts go to black, and the toggle cbox goes to subdevo. credit for mini profile goes to bee.

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 Parlor, First Floor
Caitlin Devlin
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 07:59 PM
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Ours is the magic

    Everyone but Hilly seemed to have something to say about their current predicament. Even Maddie chimed in with a fair opinion. Perhaps they should focus their attention on sniffing out the who before they had came to rue the why.

    But with this many people talking, Caitlin didn't see a need to interject. She couldn't offer anything that neither of her covenmates had already brought up, and if not Hilly than at least second-in-command Anne was there to lead the discussion. The sorceress readjusted her crossed leg and turned her head to look at Wilkes. How was she going to proceed?
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